• Purpose

    The crisis of our times call for leader

  • Dialogues

    We conduct both face to face and online dialogues.

  • Key objectives

    To host dialogues for leaders online and in person.

about us Purpose
The crisis of our times call for leaders to put away the playbook of the past and bring a deep understanding of the unprecedented currents of change sweeping the world. Time seems to be calling us to be at the vanguard of a new kind of leadership – one rooted in authentic personal power. It means to re-emerge soft power which is a more responsible leadership, to lead with spirituality, values and culture.

    The purpose of these conversations is to identify and call upon some leaders to:

  • Deepen their awareness of what is needed to develop and sustain a more responsible leadership;
  • Share best practice of responsible leadership
about us Dialogue Process

We conduct both face to face and online dialogues. The format of each is different.

During the face to face sessions, participants will be gently led and provoked by experienced facilitators to be both creative and controversial while collaborating with others during conversation. Short periods of silent reflection punctuating the dialogue process will establish a peaceful and creative space for individuals to converse, co-create and contribute to a developing vision of the evolution of power. The sessions will focus on:
  • A History of Power
  • The Presence of Power
about us Objectives
To host dialogues for leaders online and in person. A call to action, following each dialogue, for every participant to raise the bar of responsible leadership personally and within their profession.

    Develop a knowledge-base of ideas, best practices, experiences and insights of the principles of responsible leadership – forming a historical record for educational purposes and projecting a future vision that will guide and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.


Judy Rogers

Consultant and Communication Strategist

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Nizar Juma

Industrialist & Host - "The Future of Power"

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Narendra Modi

Chief Minister, Gujarat

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Power should be self empowering and must make you stromg from within to help you to face up to the increasing adversity of life and of the current times. ~ Nizar Juma
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