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Past Events...

Between 2009 to 2017 FOP Events has been Held in 66 cities, across India as well as In the World. last 5 was done in USA & Australia. read more »


About FOP...

Exclusive conversations exploring the ‘shifts in power’ & their impact on leadership in the 21st Century. Aims, Purpose, Dialogue Process, Why India (first)? read more »

About FOP

the story so far...

An overview of past FOP events in 66 cities all over India and aborad. Comments by participants as well as details about the aim & objects of FOP. read more »

the story so far

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FOP events have been held in 66 cities across India as well as in the world. These events have been extensively covered by the media. read more »

Media Coverage .

Recent "the future of power" Events

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