Exclusive conversations exploring the ‘shifts in power’ and their impact on leadership in the 21st Century.

Why India (first) ?
Dialouge Process

top Purpose
As we witness repeated breakdowns of systems, there is an urgent call emerging for a more responsible leadership to steer us through turbulent times and achieve a stable and positive long term vision we know is possible. The purpose of these dialogues is to identify and call upon some of the world’s influential leaders to:

– Deepen their awareness of what is needed to develop and sustain a more responsible leadership;
– Share best practice of responsible leadership;
– Explore what it means to be a ‘trustee of power’ today and tomorrow;
– Develop further insight into new paradigms of leadership emerging through the power shifts of the 21st Century

The Future of Power dialogues aim to bring together on a neutral platform both international leaders & leaders of India to find ways to develop their individual and collective strategies in modelling responsible leadership now and for the future.
During the next three years these conversations are expected to create a focused long term inspiration for leaders to become self motivated in being responsible and transparent in their expression.

top Objectives

– A series of dialogues in 30 major cities across the length and breadth of India over a three year period;
– A call to action, following each dialogue, for every participant to raise the bar of responsible leadership personally and within their profession;
– Develop a knowledge-base of ideas, best practices, experiences and insights of the principles of responsible leadership – forming a historical record for educational purposes and projecting a future vision that will guide and inspire tomorrow’s leaders.

top Why India (first)?
It is the seat of original principle-based power. Increasingly, the West is looking to the Far East and India in particular, for inspiration and learning in the area of values-based leadership. Whilst, in recent years, it has been a country of tremendous progress in many fields, health, science, economy, IT – it is also witnessing an increasing loss of values and a forgetfulness of its ancient principles; which has opened the way to a corruption of power that is eroding the foundation of its future growth. Reviving those values and principles is essential for future generations to carry on a more sustainable source of authentic personal and collective power.

top ParticipantsThe dialogue will comprise a small group of seasoned and entrepreneurial international thought leaders who are committed to directing the future of power through personal strength and values-based approaches. We are looking for thought leaders, who are nationally or internationally renowned, within their professional field, and who have already demonstrated some form of ethically responsible leadership. We are also keen to include young and emerging leaders.

top Dialogue ProcessDuring the sessions participants will be gently led and provoked by experienced facilitators to be both creative and controversial while collaborating with others during conversation. Short periods of silent reflection punctuating the dialogue process will establish a peaceful and creative space for individuals to converse, co-create and contribute to a developing vision of the evolution of power. The sessions will focus on:
– A History of Power
– The Presence of Power
– The Future of Power
– The Power of Presence

top Initiators

The dialogues are hosted by Dadi Janki, Administrative Head of the
Brahma Kumaris and Mr Nizar Juma charirman of over 50 companies, primarily in Africa and Canada.