team fop


 nizar Nizar Juma Host future of power is the initiator and host of the Future of Power project. Since 1968, Nizar has been a leader in industrial and commercial businesses principally within Africa and Canada. He is best known as the manufacturer of Adidas sports equipment for 49 countries in and around Africa. Nizar has also been actively involved in a voluntary capacity as Chairman of the Boards of The Aga Khan Development Network in their social welfare activities, including not-for-profit hospitals. He is currently chairman of over 50 companies including power generation, fibre optics cabling systems, agriculture, banking, packaging, leather processing, hotels, pharmaceuticals, insurance and property development. Nizar was awarded the Silver Star by the President of Kenya for outstanding services to the Nation.
 morni Maureen Chen from Australia began her association with the Brahma Kumaris in 1977. Based in Asia since 1981 she has helped to establish and sustain BK centres throughout Asia. In Hong Kong she was the Chairperson of Unity for Peace, Secretary of the Living Values Education and Secretary of the Asian Business Leadership Exchange, ABLE and helped to establish Food Link, linking hotels and restaurants with social welfare organisations.  In Cambodia she was instrumental in setting up Living Values Education programmes and a social enterprises for victims of landmines, the Khmer Independent Life Team.

In August 2010, she moved to India and has exclusively devoted her time and efforts to The Future of Power project.


Neetu GuptaCommunication has 11 years of professional experience spanning from General Administration, Operations Management and Customer Relationship Management in Telecom, BPO & Asset Management verticals catering to a plethora of client constituents including HNIs, brokers, bankers, corporate.  She has been practicing Raj Yoga with Brahmakumaris since childhood. She is a Spiritual Counselor and conducts meditation courses at Brahma Kumaris centres.


Anthony Phelips-Facilitator & MC strategic marketing consultant experienced in all five continents in the health care, nutrition and food fields.Currently working with Nestle to establish ‘Creating Shared Value’ as the central operating philosophy of the company.


Nitin SinghalLogistic has been exploring various business environments and its components for over 18 years. Having created and led teams in direct marketing, institutional sales and facilitated international tie ups and real estate development. Being a student of transformation, he has participated in various capacities with Landmark Education and has been practicing Raj Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris for over 5 years.


Shriram Darfalkar IT & Back Office has been associated with the Brahma Kumaris since childhood. He has an Bachelors Degree in Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & Development and Marketing,  Public Relations and Computer skills.


Chandrika Vanjani – Media B.Com , Cost Accountancy, Mumbai University. She is a dedicated instructor at Brahma Kumaris for the last 18 years, having been associated since childhood. She has travelled extensively in India and abroad for conducting and attending many seminars, conferences and workshops for many reputed organizations across all sectors and to people of all professions.  She is currently based at the headquarters in Mt. Abu, anchoring the B K Peace of Mind channel.