reflections by dadi janki on power

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Reflections by Dadi Janki on power

jankiWhat kind of power do we need for the future?

  • We need to think about what kind of power is needed to ensure long term success in our family life, our country and the world.
  • We accumulate power through truth and non-violence.Truth has great importance.
  • Let your heart be filled with truth and honesty; your relationships filled with humility and your personality filled with integrity. We need to make these qualities a practical part of our lives over a long period of time.
  • The power that people use is physical power through which values are expressed in an overt, physical way in behaviour. Real power is accumulated through the subtle experience of love and trust.
  • It’s important that we don’t allow ourselves to become trapped in anything or anyone at this time.
  • Let your life not be one of bondage. Free yourself from your weaknesses and defects and experience happiness and freedom in life.
  • What is this thing called happiness and where does it come from? We have to create happiness and make it a constant companion in our life.
  • There is no nourishment like happiness and no illness like worry. We need to experience happiness over a long period of time.
  • Remain aware of three things: Who am I? Who do I belong to? What do I have to do?
  • Through the connection with the Supreme soul – the powerhouse – generate your own power and continue to share it. Become experienced in using this power and become a guide to show others the way.
  • Only when we first have power within us can we share it with others.
  • One is to have strength to finish weakness; second is to have power through which you can imbibe all Godly powers and virtues into your life; and third is to have an abundance of energy that can be supplied to others.
  • Three things are absolutely necessary for this – courage, faith and honesty.
  • The people of Bharat greet first greet one another with ‘namaste’ (their hands meet together in respect) – this is a
    sign of unity, humility and Godly love. Then they shake hands using their right hands.
  • People of world keep saying something should happen. Don’t use the word ‘should’; just do it! Be the change and become a sample for others.
  • In today’s world, human beings function on the basis of money and positional power. We need to move forward on the basis of having God as our One Strength and One Support – to have an intellect filled with faith and unbreakable trust.
  • There is so much competition, corruption and criticism in today’s world. We have to free ourselves from these.
  • Keep the intellect stable and use the power of concentration to generate deep Godly love. Through this you can become real gold and a flawless diamond.
  • Let every moment, every thought and breath remain elevated and at every step, you will continue to earn a spiritual income

Leadership and the future ofpowerFuture of Power Press ReleaseDadi Janki’s reflections on thefuture of powerThe 8 powers of leadership “In my experience the people in a community, considered as leaders are those who have made themselves accessible; they are not on some kind of platform. If a leader createsa distance from others then, on a subtle level, those close to them feel their identity to be threatened.”
Dr Nirmala Kajaria,
Hyderabad Dialogue