Nizar Juma and the FOP Team is Pleased to invite you to
learn to Meditate in one hour on 19th Nov 2022
India: 1800 Hrs, USA (Boston/New Jersey/New York): 0730 Hrs, UK (London/York/Combridge): 1230 Hrs, Kenya: 1530 Hrs, Australia: 2000 Hrs, Philippines: 2030 Hrs Israel: 1430 Hrs, South Africa 1430 Hrs
About Event
This is a unique opportunity, especially for the participants of the 72 FOP events, to learn how to meditate in just one hour! We have selected 18 top grade Teachers from all over the World! You can choose the one best suited to you, based on their Country, language, or profession! Go ahead and register now!
Dear Guest, We regret that registration is now over for 19th Nov Program but we will certainly inform you on our next program. Thank you.